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During the XIV International Congress of Radiology held in 1977, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on October 26, a meeting was held by Medical Doctors Eugenio Alburquerque Pequeño, Armando Amoedo, Iván Angel Aráuz Godoy, Sofío Calisti, Julio C. Crisolito, Armando Doberti, Ofelia Garófalo, Robert Mourice Gibert, Enrique M. Lederman, Alejandro Márquez Acevedo, José Manteiro Flores, Antonio Mourâo Vilisia, Leyla Núñez Mudvoch, Luis A. Pieroni, Maria N. Oliveira, José A. Soto, Rodolfo E. Tiscornia, Simón Tisuado Muñoz, Pablo Torres Hernández, Eugenio Toussaint Aragón, Carlos Vildosola San Martín, Eduardo Lasalle, Rosa Badanian de Garcia Fonte, Jorge Omar Rossi, Hernan Marta, Jorge Codas Thompson, Hector Bazzano, Vanildo Ozelame and they have decided to stablish the Society of Pediatric Radiologists of Latin America (Sociedad Latinoamericana de Radiología Pediátrica- SLARP), and that its general and permanent purposes will be as follows:

1. Organize and gather the Pediatric Radiologists of Latin America.

2. Sponsor their scientific development and progress.

3. Cooperate with the progress of the specialty, together with other branches of Radiology and Pediatrics.

4. Render counseling services to frame training programs in a specialty, upon request of the corresponding organizations.

5. Sponsor and spread scientific education and research on behalf of the members' training.

6. Foster the relationship with other Societies of Pediatric Radiology overseas.

Bylaws have been adopted and the First Board of Directors for 1997-1999 has been appointed, as follows:

President: Rosa Badanian de Garcia Fonte, PhD. (Uruguay)

Vicepresident: Jorge O. Rossi, PhD (Argentina)

Secretary: Dr. Hernán Marta,PhD (Uruguay)

Treasurer: C. Vildosola, PhD (Chile)

Members: J. A. Monteiro,PhD (Brasil), Jorge Codas Thompson,PhD (Paraguay)

First Meeting:

On December 8, 1978, in the city of Maldonado, Uruguay, a Meeting of the Board of Directors of the SLARP is held for the first time. It is presided by Professor Rosa Badanian de García Fonte; Hernán Marta, Phd., works as Secretary, and assisted by vicepresident Jorge Rossi, PhD and José A. Soto, PhD, with following agenda:

1-Program the first Congress of the Society to be held together with the XII Interamerican Congress of Radiology, in Quito, Equator, in July 1979; paying a Tribute to the pioneers of the Latin America Pediatric Radiology and celebrating Round Tables discussions about: Advancements in the Diagnosis of the urinary tract diseases; New Techniques Contributions and their adjustments for the pediatric patient; Open agenda; Submission and Discussion of Clinical Cases.

2- Celebrate the General Meeting of the Society at the proposed first Congress.

3- Renew the Board of Directors, appointed by General Meetings every 4 years, and to hold Board of Directors Meetings open for Members every 2 years

4- Send to all members the due invitation to join the Meeting. The annual fee is fixed at 20 dollars

Regional Delegates are appointed as follows:

Argentina: René Conci, PhD; Bolivia: Jorge Dorado, PhD; Brazil: Vanildo Ozelame, PhD; Chile: Rosario Guerrero, PhD; Caribbean and West Indies: Di Mas Santos; Central America: Francisco Mirambell, PhD; Peru: Marquez Acevedo, PhD; Dominican Republic: D. Santos, Ph D; Uruguay: Hernán Marta, PhD and Julio Crisolito, PhD

5- Call for next meeting of the Board of Directors at the city of La Plata (Argentina) on a date to be confirmed.


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