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I. - Name, Address and Life term

The Latin American Society of Pediatric Radiology (SLARP) will create a private law partnership, without commercial purposes which will be ruled by the following Bylaws. The address will be the city of the country the General Secretary belongs to.

The Partnership's length will be for an indefinite period.

II. - General Purposes and Objectives

The general and permanent purposes of the partnership will be the following, to wit:

1. - Organize and gather the Pediatric Radiologists of Latin America.

2. - Sponsor their scientific development and progress.

3. - Cooperate with the progress of the specialty, together with other branches of Radiology and Pediatrics.

4. - Render counseling services to frame training programs in a specialty, upon request of the corresponding organizations.

5. - Sponsor and spread scientific education and research on behalf of the members' training.

6. - Foster the relationship with other Societies of Pediatric Radiology overseas.

III. - Language

The Official Languages used by the Partnership will be Spanish and Portuguese.

IV. - Members

The Partnership will comprise Medical Doctors, whose degrees must be accredited by the corresponding organization in each country, and those whose preferred activity is Pediatric Radiology.

A. -Regular Members: All the Founder Members who attended the Meeting held on October 26, 1977 in Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, and all those currently enrolled. Requirements for the admission as Honorary Member

a. - Be a Member of the Society of Radiology of the corresponding country, duly accredited.

b. - Be introduced by two Regular Members.

B. - Correspondent Members: All the Pediatric Radiologists working outside the Latin American area, who, in the discretion of the Board of Directors are qualified to be admitted to the Partnership. Requirements for the admission as correspondent member:

a. - Be introduced by two Regular Members.

b. - Should have been appointed as such, by the Board of Directors, unanimously.

C. - Honorary Members: All those who, in the discretion of the Board of Directors have significantly contributed to the progress and knowledge of Pediatric Radiology in any country, within or beyond the boundaries of Latin America. It is a requirement to become an honorary member to have been appointed as such by the Board of Directors, unanimously.

D. - Contributory Members: Any physical or ideal person who by means of their activity has made an extraordinary contribution to the achievements of the Partnership's objectives.

It is a requirement to become a Contributory member to have been appointed as such by the Board of Directors unanimously, and the Board of Directors shall notify the General Meeting of this fact.

Only the Regular Members may hold a General Meeting, where they may vote directly and be appointed as authorities.

The Member must pay their annual shares, which will be determined by the General Meeting each year.

V. - Regional Delegates

The Partnership’s Annual Meeting will appoint the Regional Delegates, and they will represent the different Latin American countries that have Regular Members.

They may hold their office for an unlimited period of time. Each country may have between one and three Regional Delegates, as needed.

The Regional Delegate has to promote the Partnership's activities in its country of origin, and promote the recruitment of new partners. These Delegates will be closely linked to the Board of Directors.

VI. - Organization

The Partnership's Organization will be governed by:

* The General Meeting

* The Board of Directors

The General Meeting will consist in the Regular Members, with their shares paid, and will be held every year, together with the Scientific Meeting.

The Board of Directors will consist in five members: President, Former President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer. The appointed President should belong to the country, which will be from the host country of the following Meeting, and the Vice President in turn, of the host country of the subsequent Meeting.

The Board of Directors will be appointed by the General Meeting, by the simple majority of those present at the Meeting. It will be in office for one year, and the office will be exercised immediately. The Board of Directors shall submit an annual report of its performance to the General Meeting.

VII. - Finances

The Partnership's funds will consist in donations and the shares of its Regular Members. The General Meeting will fix the annual share. The Members whose shares have not been paid for two or more years will be held as resigned by their own decision.

VIII. - Provisional Sections

The shares will be remitted only once in the year 1999 to regularize the registry of Members. These General Bylaws will be provisional, and will rule for the term of two years as of 1999. The Board of

Directors are empowered to propose the final Bylaws, in line with the current period and future development of the Partnership.


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